Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Hi! Mindset is a young dynamic company that takes corporate social responsibility very seriously. Our (advisory) services have a relatively small impact on the environment, but nevertheless we have taken measures to minimize this negative impact as much as possible. In addition, we care very much about the people we work with; our customers, employees and partners. They play a key role in the delivery and development of our services. We will explain this in more detail below on the basis of the well-known 3 Ps: People, Planet and Profit.


Consultancy services with high added value is primarily the work of humans. It is about using ‘knowledge’ to find the solution for the customer that adds maximum value. For us, this implies that we analyse previous experiences and make them available for use, preferably in the form of reusable tools, to both the client and the advisors with whom we collaborate. In addition, we believe that good health and vitality of our employees and partners are important to be able to provide adequate advice and to deliver our services. In our customer contacts, we can then perform at a maximum capacity, minimizing the time spent by the customer. After all, the customer also has its own work to do.


With advisory services, the work itself is usually not harmful to the environment. However, the way in which the work is carried out can make a difference to the burden on the planet. Below, we mention a number of measures that we have taken to reduce this burden to a minimum:

  • Minimizing physical movements (both movements to the customer and to our office). If there is no need for direct contact, we work together remotely from locations that are suitable for everyone. We have the facility to realize this. Additional benefits are:
    • people: no frustration about traffic jams;
    • profit: a higher deployment of our employees.
  • Minimal housing and therefore less energy consumption, which is also made possible because people work remotely as much as possible.
  • Work digitally as much as feasible and maintain digitized archives (of course, we are aware that a total paperless office is not realistic). In addition, with our online platform we have tried to transfer as much knowledge as possible to our customers in a digital way. We have arranged this so that it can be consulted at any time, and in small batches so that the customer can use it even when the available time is limited.
  • Making knowledge freely available to potential customers. As a consultancy firm, we are therefore an attractive partner for our (potential) customers. In that way we can minimize acquisition efforts. This means minimizing overhead and reducing the burden on the environment through overhead. An additional advantage is that this will contribute to a higher profit.


As stated earlier, the people we work with are our most important resource. By consciously dealing with them, we expect to have an optimal mix between generating income and job satisfaction. This ratio naturally works both ways. And the one also stimulates the other. We enhance this in the following ways:

  • Work is done from the home workplace or another location that is convenient and / or pleasant for the employee.
  • To be able to collaborate smoothly from a distance, employees have full and unlimited access to web conferencing facilities, telephone and internet communication resources.
  • Agreements are made annually for each employee about personal targets and the contribution to the added value for the organization and (potential) customers. These agreements are specified and evaluated every three months.
  • To prevent unnecessary facility costs (energy, paper, etc.), employees receive a fixed monthly compensation for business related use of their home environment and tools. This is to prevent unnecessary purchases and duplication of items. Excessive use is not reimbursed.
  • Insofar as employees do not have specific meetings or obligations with customers or colleagues, they may organize their time according to their own insights. However, a response time of a maximum of four hours applies on working days.
  • If new products are being developed for the benefit of customers for which reuse is likely, the reusable product is made first and then this product is tailored to the customer.
  • Employees are also required to comply with company security standards and user protocols at home to prevent customers and other partners from being burdened by malware, unavailability of information, and so on.

Because knowledge and advice are crucial for us, we as Hi! Mindset reinvest the vast majority of our profit in further developing the knowledge and skills of our employees and partners, in order to be able to (continue to) serve our customers in the best possible way.