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Are you completely new to the wonderful world of sales? Or did you just get started at a new job and you want to be sure that you have mastered the latest techniques in the field of sales? In both cases, the Progressive offer from Hi! Mindset will help you do great!

There is one side note. We strongly believe that the dividing line between procurement and sales is slowly disappearing, and that there is an enormous potential for value creation if we start to focus on the same goals. We therefore consciously choose not to make a distinction in our offer for sale or procurement. We focus on the relationships and the challenges that both parties face (both within the organization and as part of the collaboration). To create a breakthrough in our existing business a new skillset is needed. Do you want to acquire specific knowledge on sales or procurement? Then we are not the right partner for you.

In addition, the world is becoming increasingly dynamic and you are being asked to do more every day. Going to a training for one or more days results in a full mailbox and voicemail, and work that piles up. That is why we as Hi! Mindset believe that this can and should be done differently.

So, whether you have been working in the (sales) profession for years, or whether you are just starting, if you are open to new ideas and you are prepared to look differently, we promise you one thing: it will be fun!

Training The power of the Hi! Mindset approach lies in the distinction between the 'Progressive' and 'High-Impact' training offer.

For the Progressive training we use short online videos, cases and simulations, so that you can build up a new skillset to achieve the best results together with external parties within a short period of time, at the moment that suits you best. The 'Progressive' offer is also very suitable for onboarding new employees or as a quick refreshment course.

With the 'Progressive' training offer we cover all aspects of sales (and procurement) that are important to optimize collaborations. "BORING..." you might think now. But with our own developed Pro-Assess® we will help you to get started to prevent you from spending time on things that you already know. After completing this assessment, we will recommend specific topics that are new, instructive and of added value to you. Of course, we will not limit you, if you want to learn more about another topic you always can!

We also offer a High-Impact training solution, which is a combination of offline workshops, coaching and advice, which we adapt to your specific situation or problem. You can find more information about our High-Impact solutions here.
Online trainings

To build a good foundation or to refresh your memory and skills, we are currently building an online platform for our 'Progressive' training courses. Unfortunately, we have to be patient. From January 1st 2019  we will offer the following online training courses:

  • Start your mindset change – a brand new approach to procurement and sales
  • Which business models are available?
  • Which business model works best for my situation?
  • How do I optimize my collaboration?
  • How do I get everyone on board to adopt my vision?
  • How do I create the right story line?
  • How do I manage a change process?
toolbox To support you in your daily work, we are currently also building a toolbox within our online platform, which are linked to the online training courses. This toolbox will be filled with assessments, templates and tools that will help you do your work as efficiently and effectively as possible, and consequently spend as much time as possible on what really matters!
Contact us Advisory Sometimes your relationships are caught in a fixed pattern or you want to enter into a new relationship and want to try a completely different approach. However, an online or offline training program seems a bit too much for you at this point in time. In that case we can also help you with our consultancy services, perhaps in cooperation with one of our partners.

Our advisory service focuses entirely on dealing with specific relationships and helps to create the right mindset, both for you and your organization, as well as for the people involved in your relationship. You, then, can also use our tools and other information that will be available in our online platform (from November 1st onwards). You will see that the results are amazing!

Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities for your situation.
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