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You can create more impact if you can increase your added value and make collaborations with customers and suppliers more successful. With the approach of Hi! Mindset you will create this impact efficiently and effectively.

We offer the following services.

Consultancy and Advice

No matter how innovative and well thought out your business strategy is, if your partners do not contribute to it, your strategy will never become a reality. On average, 87% of the economic growth of your organization comes from partnerships with partners outside your own organization. That is why good collaborations are essential to turn your (innovation) strategy into a success. Together we can transform your strategic partnerships through our advisory services.

Together we therefore create and implement the best approach to stimulate strategic transformations within your collaboration. We are united by our ambition to jointly stimulate change and generate maximum impact. We do this through a tailor-made approach, in which we combine coaching, advice and workshops with on-the-job implementation.

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We can generate impact in different ways. Training is one way to do it.

We can improve the capabilities of your team on different types of collaborations. In addition, we often see that traditional relationships are managed by people who still think in a traditional manner, not resulting in the successes that are needed nowadays.

We offer various training programs to close these capabilty gaps. For example in the field of negotiation, business acumen and relational collaborations.

Our training offer

Our top 3 training courses are:

1. Seamless collaboration

Classify your collaborations and learn to focus on the type of cooperation that delivers the most impact.

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2. TCO in a win-win partnership

Map the costs and revenues of the entire organization or value chain to create space for real impact.


3. Vested introduction training

Get to know the Vested methodology together with your colleagues or business partners to determine whether this is a suitable business model for your organization.


Hi! Vested Vested Center of Excellence

Hi! Mindset is a licensed Center of Excellence (CoE) of the Vested methodology. Through this methodology we offer the following support:

  • Take the first step towards a "WE mindset" together with your business partner
  • Have your current collaboration or contract reviewed to discover its hidden potential
  • Work towards your Vested collaboration through a step by step approach
Hi! Vested
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Our online portal hosts all kinds of videos, interesting articles and cases. It also offers specific tools that allows you to bring your knowledge up-to-speed easily and at your own pace.

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Contact us The numbers tell the tale

Many collaborations agree on periodic evaluation moments in order to determine the KPI scores. The KPI scores often do not provide a realistic picture of how both companies view the collaboration. This is also known as the watermelon effect. All KPI's are achieved (green on the outside) but the users are dissatisfied (red on the inside).

With the Hi! 360o approach you are able to measure the level of satisfaction of the collaboration in a more comprehensive way. All those involved (of both organizations) answer a number of tailor-made questions in order to be able to present their impressions in a relatively short period of time. You can compare the results of the Hi! 360o approach with the KPI's. This provides a complete picture of the collaboration.

Aren't you ready to do this with your relationship yet? We also offer this tool to review just one side of the relationship; the Hi! 180o approach.

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