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We all know it's an absolute must to continuously develop ourselves. But just as important is the way you choose to develop yourself. It has to be with real impact. You are able to create more impact if you can increase your added value and ensure that your collaborations with customers and suppliers are more successful. With the Hi! Mindset training approach, you can create this impact efficiently and effectively. We use a combination of online and offline training. In order to enhance the learning effect, we offer tools that can be combined as you see fit. With this approach, we have proven to generate more impact.

Our training approach focuses on relationships and the challenges that both parties face (both within their own organisation and within the cooperation). In this way, all parties involved gain insight into the impact that they can realize in their collaboration. In order to create a breakthrough in a new way, a new skill set is needed. And we are happy to help you with that!

Hi! Portal

How do we start? You can easily create a free account to our Hi! portal. Some content is free, in order to help you get on your way and as a way for you to assess how the portal works. Are you happy and do you want more? Then switch your account into a paid account. Now the real work is about to begin. You have access to videos, interesting articles and cases, and specific tools! No need to worry, as the subscription can be canceled on a monthly basis. Obviously, you don't have to sift through everything at once. We made this portal for you. So, the idea behind it is that you can watch the videos, tools or articles when you need them, and at a time that suits you best.


Training approach

Hi! Mindset focuses on helping organisations acquiring knowledge, skills and new attitudes. This can be done at individual, team and organisational level. Each level is described in more detail below. To achieve the development of knowledge and skills, we focus on six related themes: a new mindset; hear, see and communicate; relationship models; relational contracting; improving is change; and innovate together.

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The first level is knowledge transfer. In the past, this was mainly achieved by sitting together in a small room and listening to an (often boring) teacher or trainer. The only question colleagues asked when getting back to work, was whether the lunch was any good. Everyone forgot all about it within three months time, right at the time you needed to apply that very knowledge. We are shifting the knowledge transfer to our online portal. This way, everyone can soak up the knowledge whenever it suits them best. Also, it is easy to repeat if necessary or desired.

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Contact us Skills development

In order to convert knowledge into skills, most people need a helping hand. Our interactive workshops go over the knowledge once again with the team, but now this is followed up by skills development through practicing with fictional or own cases. The true aim of these workshops is to thoroughly understand and apply the acquired knowledge. For quick calculators, this is the added value of Hi! Mindset; generate the same, or even more, impact with fewer workshop days.

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Contact us Behaviour change

After attending workshops, the question often remains if you (optimally) apply the skills in practice, despite the fact that you have the skills. In order to be sure of this, the behaviour also needs to be adapted. Changing behaviour requires more time and a lot of repetition. In order to make the best possible use of this time, we provide coaching on-the-job on a real-life case. We use workshops, work sessions and coaching for these projects. In this way, everyone works on changing behaviour during a project or daily collaboration.

Do you dare to change your mindset?

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