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You are making a wonderful trip and meet new people every day. One evening you are enjoy a bite to eat with people you met earlier that day. You are having a great time, and the most creative ideas are coming to the table. If the bill arrives at the end of the evening it is paid (jointly) without any discussion.

A few weeks later, your father-in-law comes by to paint the outside window frames of your home. He likes to do this and is also very good at it. That is great, because you are very good at building websites, and you have created a website for your mother-in-law's own company earlier this year. This way we help each other out the best way we can.

Why are these situations often so much more complicated in the business world? Why do we spend so little effort getting to know (new) people? Or why do we have such a hard time with openness and trust, with reciprocity and transparency? Why are we mainly focusing on covering risks in lengthy contracts and tough price discussions?

That we can achieve so much more together, in whatever capacity, by connecting our strengths and expertise, is beyond dispute. By focusing on a shared vision and objectives, by allocating associated risks with the party that can best handle them, and by agreeing a fair remuneration, innovation and value creation can become reality. That requires a different mindset and skillset, and that's exactly where Hi! Mindset helps you out!

The power of the Hi! Mindset approach lies in the distinction between the 'Progressive' and 'High-Impact' training offer.

Regarding Strategic Relations, we offer tailor-made in-company training, workshops and coaching programs that suit the needs of your organization. This is what we call our High-Impact offering, where we focus on the direct application of the acquired knowledge and skills in your situation. We do this together with our team of coaches and experts. Do you want to know what we can do for you? Feel free to contact us!

For the Progressive training we use short online videos, cases and simulations, so that you can build up a new skillset to achieve the best results together with external parties within a short period of time, at the moment that suits you best. The 'Progressive' offer is also very suitable for onboarding new employees or as a quick refreshment course. You can find more information about our Progressive offer here.


Our High-Impact offering is a combination of offline workshops, coaching and advisory, which we adapt to your specific situation or problem. Within High-Impact Relations we will put together a customized solution for your situation based on the following themes:

  • Finding the right partner
  • Story-telling
  • Getting to We
  • Strategic Relationship Management
  • Deal Structuring 
  • Vested® Deal Structuring
  • Innovation Management
  • Change Management
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Sometimes your relationships are caught in a fixed pattern or you want to enter into a new relationship and want to try a completely different approach. However, an online or offline training program seems a bit too much for you at this point in time. In that case we can also help you with our consultancy services, perhaps in cooperation with one of our partners.

Our advisory service focuses entirely on dealing with specific relationships and helps to create the right mindset, both for you and your organization, as well as for the people involved in your relationship. You, then, can also use our tools and other information that will be available in our online platform (from November 1st onwards). You will see that the results are amazing!

Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities for your situation.

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