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You're on a wonderful journey, meeting new people every day. One evening you go out for a bite to eat with people you met earlier that day. Everyone is having a lot of fun and some of the most creative ideas arise. When the check arrives at the end of the evening, it’s paid for (together) without much further discussion.

Why do these situations have to be so much more complex in the corporate world? Why do we have so much trouble getting to know new people and businesses? With openness and trust, with reciprocity and transparency? Why is it that instead, we focus on covering risks in lengthy contracts and on tedious price discussions? There is no doubt that we can achieve so much more together, in whatever capacity, by combining our strengths and expertise. By focusing on a shared vision and objectives, to allocate the associated risks with the party that can best carry them, and agreeing on fair compensation, innovation and value creation can really come about.

Meanwhile, there is sufficient scientific evidence that win-win actually exists. New business models based on sharing and utilizing both parties’ core competencies are proving to be quite successful indeed. Networking, collectively creating value and the need for speed, are creating new business models in which traditional sales techniques such as 'product push' or traditional purchasing techniques of prescribing specifications are no longer appropriate. Real expertise and capabilities remain unused and these methods by definition cause (cutting) losses.

However, to bring about this change, a different mindset and skill set are needed, and that's exactly what Hi! Mindset is all about!

Buying and selling, what's the difference?

The dividing line between buying and selling has become ever thinner in recent years. More and more professionals agree that there is enormous potential for value creation if we were to focus on the same goals together as buying and selling parties.

We therefore consciously choose not to make any distinction in our offer for selling or buying functions. We focus on the relationships and the challenges that both parties face (both within their own organisation and within the cooperation). In order to create a breakthrough, a new skill set is needed.

High-Impact offering

Hi! Mindset focuses on helping organisations acquiring knowledge, skills and new attitudes. This can be done at individual, team and organisational level. There are six themes to achieve this.

Contact us The numbers tell the tale

Many collaborations agree on periodic evaluation moments in order to determine the KPI scores. The KPI scores often do not provide a realistic picture of how both companies view the collaboration. This is also known as the watermelon effect. All KPI's are achieved (green on the outside) but the users are dissatisfied (red on the inside).

With the Hi! 360o approach you are able to measure the level of satisfaction of the collaboration in a more comprehensive way. All those involved (of both organisations) answer a number of tailor-made questions in order to be able to present their impressions in a relatively short period of time. You can compare the results of the Hi! 360o approach with the KPI's. This provides a complete picture of the collaboration.

Aren't you ready to do this with your relationship yet? We also offer this tool to review just one side of the relationship; the Hi! 180o approach.

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Hi! Services Portal and workshops

The strength of Hi! Mindset's approach lies in the combination of online and offline techniques. Learning on an individual level is structured around online learning modules that focus on six themes. These learning modules are available on our portal and consist of videos, articles, cases, and tools in order to offer a mixed program. More information about the portal can be found here.

In order to be able to apply the learning material offered digitally, we offer workshops enabling the learnings to be put into practice. These workshops fit in seamlessly with the digital learning environment. The online learning modules are also available separately, click here for more information about the Hi! Services.

Hi! Services
Contact us Coaching, customization and advice

Sometimes it may seem as if your relationships are stuck in a pattern, or you would just like to try a new approach for a new relationship. It is time to redefine or redesign your relationships. Besides proces and technical changes, this also requires a change in behaviour. To achieve this, we offer training courses, workshops and coaching programmes that suit the needs of your organisation. We focus on the direct application of the acquired knowledge and skills in your situation. We are doing this together with our team of coaches and experts.

Our advice focuses entirely on dealing with specific relationships and helps in creating the right mindset, both for you and your organization, as well as for your relationship. You can also use our tools and other information in our online portal. You'll find the results to be amazing!

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