Our partners

We are happy to work together with the following experts to create more impact together:

Visit University of Tennessee

Vested® is based on award-winning research conducted by the University of Tennessee College of Business Administration and funded by the U.S. Air Force. Vested is a business model, methodology, mindset and movement for creating highly collaborative business relationships that enables true win-win in which both parties are equally committed to each other’s success. When applied, a Vested approach fosters an environment that sparks innovation, resulting in improved service, reduced costs and value that didn’t exist before, for both parties.  

Visit Wezard

Wezard is in the business of business relationships, and our partner in Canada. Their mission is to spark collaboration within and across the enterprise. Key players of strategic relationships need a unique set of skills and tools to architect cooperative ecosystems that deliver greater convergence, exponential value and meaningful innovation. Their purpose is to inspire and mold collaborative minds into partnership builders.

Visit NEVI-Purspective B.V.

NEVI-Purspective B.V. is the 3rd purchasing association in the world and since 1956 the knowledge network for purchasing and supply management. Together with NEVI-Purspective, Hi! Mindset is the Center of Excellence for Vested® services in the Netherlands, with a team of Certified Deal Architects helping you get to a win-win deal.