Generating impact can be accomplished in different ways. Training is one of the forms we use.

We can increase the capabilities of your team for different types of collaborations. In addition, we often see that traditional relationships are managed by people who think traditionally, hence not achieving the successes that are needed in this current complex world.

Therefore, we offer various programs to close these capabilty gaps. For example, in the field of negotiation, business acumen and relational collaborations.

See our top 3 training courses below.
Open flyer Seamless collaboration - two-day in-company training

Essential for everyone who works together with external relations!

By focusing on the right partnerships you can generate more impact. In this training we teach you a new revolutionary way of thinking where you can generate direct impact on the competitive position of your company.
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Open flyer TCO in a win-win partnership - two-day in-company training

Essential for anyone who wants to reach maximum financial results from a win-win relationship!

If you really want to generate impact you will have to take a close look at the costs and revenues of the entire organization or even the value chain. Providing insight into the total costs, or Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), is necessary to achieve optimal financial results.
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Open flyer Vested introduction training - one-day in-company training

Essential for anyone who pursues a strategic win-win relationship!

Nowadays you are confronted with more complex business relationships than ever before. This brings new challenges for your organization - often caused by a mismatch between the intention of the relationship and the agreements actually made in writing.
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