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Today, you are faced with more complex business relationships than ever before. The result? New challenges for your organisation - often created by a mismatch between the intention of the relationship and the actual contract.

Vested® is a business model in which win-win is paramount for both parties. The relationship is structured in such a way that both parties will be able to achieve success from the cooperation. The focus is on innovation or the creation of value. Vested is particularly well suited for complex business relationships. How does it work? By creating a contract that focuses on desired outcomes and acts as a playbook rather than a legally restrictive document.

As Hi! Mindset we are proud to be a licensed Center of Excellence for the Vested methodology in partnership with NEVI. 

Through this methodology we offer the following support:

  • Take the first step towards a "WE mindset" together with your business partner
  • Have your current collaboration or contract reviewed to discover its hidden potential
  • Work towards your Vested collaboration through a step by step approach

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12 pitfalls in business relationships

Vested is based on award-winning research conducted by the University of Tennessee (UT) and funded by the US Air Force. The research of the University of Tennessee shows that conventional transaction-based contracts have shortcomings for complex outsourcing. This is often the result of the fact that the financial side of the cooperation distances the parties from each other. Through research, the UT has identified 12 common pitfalls in collaborative relationships. Do you want to know if you are dealing with one or more of these pitfalls?

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A phased approach

Are you inspired by the opportunities that a relational contract offers, but is Vested still a step too far? Then we introduce a phased approach. You work step by step with your partner towards a relational contract. We will start on the basis of outputs, and later on, when you are ready, we make the step towards steering on outcomes. You can decide to stop or pause after each step. Our goal is that your collaboration runs to full satisfaction and delivers the desired impact!

Of course you can contact us at any time to find out more about the Vested® methodology or the phased approach. We are happy to stop by for a visit!

Read more The Vested® methodology - 5 rules

How will we set up a Vested cooperation? With the teams of both companies, we will go through the 5 rules of Vested in the form of a structured process. The 5 rules are divided into 10 contractual elements, each of which will be discussed and worked out in different workshops. After going through the 5 rules and the 10 elements, you will have a collaboration and contractual roadmap that stimulates innovation, resulting in improved service, lower costs and mutual value that didn't exist before. Click here if you want to find out more about how the Vested® methodology is structured.

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Contact us Our Vested offering
  • Introduction to Vested: we introduce the basic principles of Vested within your organization or team. In this way we can create awareness and together assess whether and for which specific situation (s) Vested could offer a good solution.
  • “Getting to we”: in "Getting to we" we focus on the basic principles of creating a strategic relationship. We go through a five-step process for establishing a long-term cooperative relationship.
  • Deal review: we assess the current cooperation and agreement through an assessment and interviews, and provide advice on potential improvements.
  • Vested deal structuring: We guide you and your partner step by step through the Vested rules, through workshops and coaching sessions, to come to a Vested agreement.
  • Coaching: we offer coaching as a neutral third party after the conclusion of the Vested agreement to continue to monitor the "win-win" mindset.
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